In 2010, Holland Ticket Services opened its doors as the forefront of ticket services in the Netherlands. Today, it is more than that, it’s a strategic driven business serving customers all over the world.

We aim to serve customers all over the world providing the largest choice of leisure activities and an online platform for museum and attraction tickets in the Netherlands. The number of museums and attractions currently exceeds 110+ and is still growing. Holland Ticket Services works closely with partners to create more visibilty and hence serve more customers.

  • 110+ Museums and Attractions

  • 265.000 Coffees

  • 64 Partners

  • 1.258.450 Happy Clients


working together

  • Henk Pottinga

    Henk Pottinga

    Managing Director
  • Joyce Breg

    Joyce Breg

    Marketing and Sales Manager
  • Melanie Kimmels

    Melanie Kimmels

    Graphic Designer
  • Mandy van Barneveld

    Mandy van Barneveld

    Project Manager
  • Britt Bake

    Britt Bake

    Project Manager
  • Bo Deblitz

    Bo Deblitz

    Junior Product Manager
  • Nadim Ben Rabaa

    Nadim Ben Rabaa

    Sales Manager
  • Felix Bake

    Felix Bake

    Operational Manager
  • Nadja Schlenker

    Nadja Schlenker

    Content writer
  • You Here?

    You Here?


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